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"Usually I think about wearing high heels in the morning, but then I remember about all the things I'll have to do during the day without being able to go back home and so I abandon the idea and opt for sneakers"

explains Asia Pellegrini, founder of Nothink

"We got inspired by modern women and their busy daily schedule, to finally give them the possibility to wear high heel without sacrificing comfort, and then easily converting it into a low heel when necessary".

The idea of ​​our shoes comes from a common need to many women. How many times have you worn heels and had to think about getting a spare pair of shoes for when the pain in your feet becomes unbearable? How many times have you instead opted for a pair of flat shoes giving up a nice pair of high heels? That’s where it comes from, the idea of ​​creating a pair of shoes that could be used all day long, regardless of the situation.

After years of observation and product engineering studies, an innovative interchangeable heel system has been created which is based, unlike other solutions, on adapting the sole to the shape of the foot in the two different configurations, high and low heel. Therefore not only the heel that is fixed to the shoe changes but also the shape of the sole to allow you to have the same effect as traditional high-heeled shoes.

Nothink Shoes are not only functional but also pay attention to the quality of the materials used because shoes must be comfortable, but also beautiful. The materials used come from the Italian supply chain and the shoes are handmade in Verolanuova, an important internationally recognized hub for the production of footwear. In addition to the innovative mechanism, you will find in our shoes the quality, reliability, and comfort of Made in Italy shoes.

“This project was born from a need but first of all from a dream, the one of creating a revolutionary product that can make life a bit easier for all women like me and no longer have to make our feet suffer or remember the hateful bag for spare shoes”,

continues Asia

“Our dream will come true only thanks to anyone who believes in this project and, on our side, we will continue to do our best to improve every day.”