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Nothink shoes have convertible heels which means that with one click you can switch from high to low heels and vice versa.

Wherever you want, at work, at a ceremony, at a party or traveling, you can choose the heels you prefer and store the others in your bag.

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The concept behind Nothink shoes is to create a shoe that adapts to every situation. By purchasing a pair of our shoes, you buy all the different possibilities that the heel change offers.

The commitment of Nothink shoes is to propose an innovation in the world of footwear that combines fashion and practicality. An innovation that does not compromise our ethics but rather enhances it by offering more shoes in a single solution, considering the origin of the materials and who creates each piece.

Sustainability is one of our core values. We use recycled and sustainable materials to produce our soles. We work closely with our suppliers and support the Italian footwear supply chain by choosing innovative Italian, eco-friendly and high-quality materials for our uppers. Supporting our product means making the right choice for the environment, without sacrificing quality and style.