Socks With Sandals. We know what you’re thinking: How could socks with sandals possibly be a fashionable pairing? For years we have associated them with the classic German tourist but now it is more fashionable and popular than ever!

Every colour, pattern and fabric, it is now a must have for every autumn and winter outfit and if previously only the most influential people on social media risked this combination, it has now become cool for all of us women.

Let’s see together where this divisive trend comes from

The strange combination was launched on the catwalks in the early 2000s by fashion insiders during fashion week but was initially connected to street style.

Always considered a slightly extreme combination, it is presented by a well-known street brand during the autumn-winter 2022/23 fashion shows but always combined with sports socks.
In a short time, however, the largest Italian high fashion houses decided that this trend had to go viral and therefore on every catwalk of this year’s fashion week we saw hundreds of models riding the catwalks wearing sandals combined with socks and tights of all types.

I know what you are thinking now while watching your socks drawer. Which risky combinations to choose for next days, right?

Think about your plans… do you want an elegant and always winning look? Then a pair of black patent leather sandals with high heels and transparent tight with details, lace or embroidery. This is certainly a perfect match both to tone down a casual look and a super sensual touch for some special occasion.

If, an the other side, you are aiming for an extravagant and captivating look, you will necessarily have to dare high heel sandals combined with colored socks or tights to give that strong touch to your outfit, creating a color contrast so as not to go unnoticed!

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