How many times  you wake up in the morning and think about wearing high heels, cause every outfit seems better with heels but then you remember that foot pain would ruin your mood during the day.  So you wear your usual pair of sneakers and start the day.

We all did it once… or do we need to talk about the t-rex style walks of shame home after a night out wearing high heels? Or spare shoes left under the car seat? Also, let’s include weddings… Do you know anyone who went to a wedding and keep her shoes on from the beginning to the end without being in pain? I am sure it never happen (not even to the bride)!

Well,  we are in 2023 and someone has stop to this useless pain without giving up on our beloved heels. That’s the reason why every woman should have a pair of Nothink, shoes with interchangeable heels. A patented mechanism that transforms your shoe with a simple click, each pair has many different types of heels of various heights and shapes available.

Ops… I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Asia Pellegrini,  founder of Nothink, and I’m here to talk to you about the brand, its potential and all the trends of the moment.

A lot of new things are coming in the next few months and I can’t wait to tell you more, “woman to woman” we can’t have too many secrets.

So we will keep you posted here and on our social networks where we will post lots of tips and videos on our fantastic shoes with interchangeable heels.

Thanks, Asia