heelchangers technology .

Every woman knows the problem of aching feet after wearing high heels for a long time, Nothink has found the solution: High and flat in one shoe – that is what the Heelchangers stand for.

Thanks to the patented sole technology, the shoes can be worn with 3cm, 7cm or 10cm heels.

The Heelchangers combine fashion and function – they are not only practical, but are also characterized by its feminine and stylish design.

How does the Heelchanger technology work?

The secret of height adjustment lies in the ability to shape the patented insole so that the shoe assumes the correct ergonomic shape for heels from 3 cm to 10 cm.
The sole will follow the shape of the foot in both configurations to guarantee comfort and safety.

There is no distinction between left and right. Nothink heels and shoes can be combined in any way and there is no risk of confusion.

It is possible to replace the heel even when the shoe is not on the foot. Don’t be afraid to use your power, the shoe won’t break!
Remember that Nothink shoes should always be stored with low heels so that the sole remains flat.


The shoes are sold with a pair of 3cm flat heels and a high heel of your choice among those that you can select for each model. If you want to buy other high heels you can find them in the “Products” section. Just select the heel you prefer and the size. You can choose between 6-8 for sizes from 36 to 38 and 9-1 for sizes from 39 to 41. In the box you will also find a small bag to store the heels and a shoe bag.

You can change the heel both before wearing the shoe and once you’re wearing it. Just lift the lever under the sole and forcefully extract the heel. Lower the lever and insert the new heel. Remember that if you are wearing high heels you will need to arch the sole like you’re standing on your toes.

For returns or exchanges, write an email to orders@nothinkshoes.com within 30 days from order receipt. Your item(s) will be checked and we will proceed with a refund or exchange of your purchase.

It is possible to pay by credit card or Paypal. Furthermore, with Klarna you can split the cost of your purchase up to 3 payments and without interests.

Shipping in Italy is free. Your order will be delivered 1-2 working days after the courier has taken charge. Shipping to Europe instead costs €14.99 and the package is delivered in 4-6 days.

The guarantee provides that the consumer has the right to have the shoe replaced, free of charge, for the two years following the purchase if the sole and/or heel mechanism is damaged for reasons not attributable to the customer.